Where Does Change Need to Happen for You?

Clients typically come to me with a goal in mind, or a particular issue in their life. 99% of the time, the issue presented to me, has an underlying cause, or stems from something developed unconsciously within the formative

5 Steps for Gaining Confidence

Step 1 - Realise you already have confidence (but just not in the thing you want right now) Another word for “confidence” is “skill”. You already have skills which gives you confidence and you have confidence because you have

What Does Your Story Say to Others?

Are you sitting comfortably? Ah - you're not? Oh, well...I'll tell you anyway, otherwise this will be a very short blog article... The story is about twin sisters who were separated immediately after their birth and ended up with

What Is Your Love Language?

Guy: "Hey baby. Here, I've bought you an expensive shiny glittery object - apparently it's a limited edition!" Girl: "Eh...thanks..." Guy: "Wow, you could at least show SOME appreciation." Girl: (Thinking) I wish he'd spent that amount of time

How To Deal With Someone’s Negativity

How do you tend to deal with someone's negativity? There are 4 ways of dealing with negativity. The first is blame ourselves. "I did something wrong, I said something to make them react that way, that was stupid of

Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Do you find that you are more fire fighting life than enjoying it? How much of your time is being spent on doing the things that feel you have no control over - dealing with urgent issues, trying to

6 Steps to Beat Paralysis by Choice

Sooo many options and a fear of choosing the wrong one. You might leave things so late that you are pressured to make a choice or make a decision and resent having to make it. Here are your 6

Moving Away From Your Child State

Transactional analysis is a technical way of saying "Your relationship with others". The theory goes, based on the book "I'm OK - You're OK" by Thomas A. Harris, is that you and the person your conversing with, will be

Finding Your Purpose In Life

Ah the million dollar question, life's little bullseye, the golden egg, the answer a lot of my clients have. What is my purpose?!?!?!?! Aghhhh!!!! Soooo frustrating. And the more time goes by, the more it weighs on your mind

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