6 Steps to Beat Paralysis by Choice

6 Steps to Beat Paralysis by Choice


Sooo many options and a fear of choosing the wrong one.

You might leave things so late that you are pressured to make a choice or make a decision and resent having to make it.

Here are your 6 steps to help you beat those feelings and feel confident about making your next decision.

Step 1 – What Outcomes Would You Like?

  • Write a list of all that you would like to happen.
  • These might be a mix certainties AND possibilities.
  • Put these in priority order of what you would like.

Step 2 – What Options Do You Have?

  • Now looking at your outcomes, what are the ways of achieving them?
  • For any outcome, you might have to be creative and think of multiple ways.

Step 3 – What Are the Consequences?

  • Start to understand the impact that each of these Options will have.
  • Look at the pros and cons of each one.
  • Within each option write your “+” and “-” next to them.

Step 4 – Start Evaluating

  • Looking at each Consequence, write the probability of each of these happening.
  • Write a “+10” for very likely and a “-10” for very unlikely

Step 5 – Mitigate for Risk

  • Look at your downside from the Step above.
  • How can you reduce the chances of this happening?
  • What creative ways and wins can you think of as a solution?

Step 6 – Make Your Choice

  • Review your list and weigh up all the information.
  • Make your choice.

Understand that the decision you make now is the best decision you can make with all the information you have.

Making a decision and then realising it wasn’t what you thought it would be, doesn’t make that decision wrong.

It means you have a chance of doing two things – changing it based on new information or learning from the original choice. Either way, it’s a win/win.

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