Moving Away From Your Child State

Transactional analysis is a technical way of saying "Your relationship with others". The theory goes, based on the book "I'm OK - You're OK" by Thomas A. Harris, is that you and the person your conversing with, will be

Finding Your Purpose In Life

Ah the million dollar question, life's little bullseye, the golden egg, the answer a lot of my clients have. What is my purpose?!?!?!?! Aghhhh!!!! Soooo frustrating. And the more time goes by, the more it weighs on your mind

How To Find Your Ideal Career

The one major thing that is on most of my client's list, is their career. And being a holistic coach, I look at all areas of a person's life, so I can really understand that when we are talking

How to Find Your Life Values

You clever thing you - you've just been offered 3 jobs! Congratulations! So what are your options? The 1st job is further away with lots more money The 2nd has longer hours but is really rewarding The 3rd is