Finding Your Purpose In Life

Finding Your Purpose In Life


Ah the million dollar question, life’s little bullseye, the golden egg, the answer a lot of my clients have. What is my purpose?!?!?!?! Aghhhh!!!!

Soooo frustrating. And the more time goes by, the more it weighs on your mind right? The deeper into life you travel and the harder it will be to change, even IF you do find it!

Well that’s when working with a life coach (*cough* such as myself *cough*) can really help you through those fears, uncertainties and doubts.

But because I’m a giver – here is a little guide to help you gain more awareness and potentially a direction in which you could head towards.

Starting with this venn diagram, you can see that there is no one right way of selecting your life’s purpose. If you are wanting it all, then follow the star to the bullseye. But here is the thing – you don’t have to, as I will come to explain later in the article.

Find Your Purpose In Life

First let’s go into the inner circles. These aren’t necessarily¬†a bad place to be – as long as you are in there for the right reasons. You have the choice to stay in there and be content or not. But I’m guessing you are reading this article for the latter.


You love it and are good at it.

These tend to be lower paid jobs but where people are doing it for them. Typically these tend to come from the limbic part of the brain. The more emotive, romantic, creative side. Jobs such as music, dance, art and theatre. This is suitable if money is not a priority or you believe that you will earn enough for your particular lifestyle. This can also be an insular path as you may only be meeting your own personal needs.


You love it and the world needs it.

Think of it as your calling. Public health roles such as campaigning for human trafficking, economic development or health awareness and religious roles. You might be strongly influenced by parents, peers or a community or just have been emotionally influenced by a topic that you are burning to make a difference towards.


The world needs it and you are paid for it.

This is a mix between a career (as opposed to a job) and a calling. You have certain feelings that have driven you to start a vocation. Doctors, police, carpentry engineers, nurses, architects. It’s a long term job, that either you study for a long time, or are on a long term to learn your trade. It may, however, not be something that gets you out of bed in the morning with a renewed vigour the week ahead.


You are good at it and you are paid for it.

This is probably 80% of the western world. You stumble into your job, you did it because, well, that was my only option at the time. Because you studied a similar subject in school. Because the HQ was close by. Because my parents did it. You have naturally developed on this path and now feel you are so far up the ladder that you changing to a new one would only mean getting on a snake to get back down!

Now how do we find out how to get to that magic star? Like everything in coaching, it’s understanding yourself better. There is not one job that will incorporate that for everyone, but there will be a few jobs that may be the Booooom! factor for you.

You Love It

Write down 5 experiences in your life that you have absolutely loved doing.

  • What did you love about it specifically?
  • What do you think the meaning behind that love is?
  • Describe the people, environment, atmosphere, tasks and roles

You Are Good at It

Write down 5 experiences in your life where you felt you showed your ability.

  • Cast your memory back to your childhood and beyond
  • What things did you feel you excelled in more than others?
  • Have people praised your abilities, which you have discounted?!
  • Break down the specifics of those experiences:
    • Creativity, Teaching, Leadership, Analysing, Organising…

The World Needs It

Write 5 things that you would like to see change in the world

  • What stories do you hear about that moves you?
  • What type of person or group would you like to support?
  • Is there a wrong that you feel needs to be righted?
  • What would you be proud of changing by the time you retire?

You Are Paid for It

List your financial needs and wants

  • How much is the absolute minimum amount you would need to survive?
  • How long could you realistically live off this amount for?
  • What would be comfortable amount of money?
  • What would be a nice to have?

By now you should start to have more awareness about what drives and motivates you. Wether it’s your passion or a cause or a realisation that there is a balance to be had between a number of elements.

At this stage you still should not be thinking about specific job roles and titles. Start your list of potential areas and industries to work in. Think wider about how your skills, want and needs could have mutual benefits.

Who do you know within that industries? Just start with a conversation. Let them know your situation and keep it open. People tend to very giving and helpful when they think they are being seen as an expert. “Hi Sarah, I’m in a role at the moment where I feel I’m not meeting my potential. Can you think of any roles within your industry where I can lead a small team that would have a positive effect on environmental issues?” or “Can you think of any roles, that is creative with an element of nature”. Let them do the hard work for you!

Good luck with your self-discovery and if you need support and a neutral sounding board, you know where I am.

Hi, I’m Scott and I’m here to support you in creating positive improvements with your Career, Love Life, Health, Fun & Hobbies, Social Life, Finances, Home Life and Personal Growth.

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