How To Change Your Habits

I've had clients come to me with unsuccessful attempts at breaking certain habits. They've tried the "think yourself free" habit, the "30 days to a good habit" habit, morning meditations and vocal affirmations. There is a reason a lot

How To Find Your Ideal Career

The one major thing that is on most of my client's list, is their career. And being a holistic coach, I look at all areas of a person's life, so I can really understand that when we are talking

I’m So Negative Towards My Best Friend

I can't believe I'm writing this publicly, but I'm going to admit that I'm so negative towards my best friend. And after a number of years of feeling like this, it's actually affecting him. We haven't talked about my

How to Create Your Own Mission Statement

If you can answer these two questions straight away - you don't have to read this blog post. What do you make life decisions based on? What is your focus in life? Still here? Read on my friend. Confident

The Life Model

This is the most important diagram you will need in your life. It is the diagram that shows how you can change anything in your life. In this simple example I'll show you in the context of a relationship,

How to Find Your Life Values

You clever thing you - you've just been offered 3 jobs! Congratulations! So what are your options? The 1st job is further away with lots more money The 2nd has longer hours but is really rewarding The 3rd is

What Does Your Wheel of Life Look Like?

Adult colouring books are so in right now. So, if I offered you a way of being fashionable AND gaining a deeper understanding of your entire life, how could you say no?! Exactly. Some of us, sometimes, think of

3 Steps to Writing Your Future Eulogy

I quite enjoy being morbid sometimes. And what better way to be morbid than to imagine you are dead. Because - you will die. Hope I didn't give away the ending for you there! So picture yourself in the

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