What Does Your Story Say to Others?

What Does Your Story Say to Others?


Are you sitting comfortably?

Ah – you’re not?

Oh, well…I’ll tell you anyway, otherwise this will be a very short blog article…

The story is about twin sisters who were separated immediately after their birth and ended up with different families, but in the same city.

They will tell you the path each of them went on, and you have to guess who has had a happier life.

And…it might just surprise you…

THE ANSWER IS AT THE END (no cheating, now)

Lucy’s Story

I was raised in a rough part of London. My Dad was an alcoholic and would either just shout, or hit me. My Mum never said nothing or did anything about it. I left home at 16 as I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to get away from all the violence. I moved around a lot going from country to country and eventually ended back up in London. I managed to get a sales job and now somehow I’ve made it to manager, which is good, but can’t see that lasting. I’ve been in and out of relationships with guys through the years and each one ends up badly – I actually don’t blame them as anyone who has to deal with me, takes on a lot of emotional baggage. I’ve been through tough stuff, but not everyone can have a life they want.

Olivia’s Story

I’m a proud Londoner and still live there now. My childhood was incredible. When I look back now, there was so much love between my parents and I know they loved me very much. They taught me how to be a strong and independent person. Although I loved growing up in London I was fortunate enough to spread my wings and see the sights and sounds of so many European countries. I learned so much about cultures and people it was priceless. I managed to put all of that experience into starting my career here and now I’m in charge of the UK and NI region for my company’s product. Although I haven’t met “the one” just yet, I know that with each relationship I have, lessons are to be gained and I feel closer with each step  – I’m proud that I’m still learning in all areas of my life.

The Answer

Who do you think had the better life?

Well, you may well have twigged that in fact, they were not sisters, but indeed the same girl.

The only thing different, was the way she chose to tell you her story.

What type of person would be attracted to Lucy? What type of jobs or guys will she attract? Where might she end up?

What type of person would be more attracted to Olivia? Would you want to converse and learn from her and be in her company? What opportunities might come her way?

From positivity, springs positivity.

What bits from your past would you change to look at from a more positive angle?

What lessons have your learned and made you the person you are today?

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