Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Where Do You Spend Your Time?


Do you find that you are more fire fighting life than enjoying it?

How much of your time is being spent on doing the things that feel you have no control over – dealing with urgent issues, trying to hit deadlines, reacting to stressful situations and feel like burnout city is the next town on?

How much would you rather be working towards your dream goals, investing time for your health, spending quality moments with loves ones and working on developing yourself in all areas of your life?

Well I’ve got good news for you my friends – awareness of the Time Management Matrix, will help you become aware of where your attention is focussed.

What box do you spent most of your time?

Start writing a list of a typical month’s activities. List the items that take most of your time – what box do they sit in?

Urgent Not Urgent
Important • Last Minute Crisis
• Critical Deadline Driven Projects
• Pressing Problems
• Some Client Meetings
• Emergencies
• Values and Goal Setting
• Planning New Opportunities
• Personal Health / Fitness
• Learning / Reading / Educational Podcasts
• Relationship Building
• Adventure / Fun
• Purposeful Downtime
Not Important • Phone Notifications
• Social Network Notifications
• Phone Calls
• Email Notifications
• Addictive Things
• Some Client Meetings
• Non Educational TV/Movies
• Gossip
• Negativity – talking or thinking
• Social Media

How You Could Spend Your Time?

So I wonder where all your time is going and how beneficial your focus is. Let’s take a look at how things might be better with a shift on what you COULD spend your time on.

Urgent Not Urgent
Important 15% – Do Now
• What has to be completed before things get worse?
• What patterns do you notice that show up in this box?
80% – Do Next
• What could you do that would benefit your personal or professional life in the long term?
• Where could you spend more time that you currently are?
• What is your vision, your plan, your strategy?
Not Important 5% – Do Later
• What at first appears important, but can wait?
• What work could you delegate?
0% – Don’t Do
• What could you give up that would give you more energy?
• What makes you feel worse, tired or unproductive?
• Who do you spend time with that constantly brings you down?

One you start writing out your schedule, you can see what a typical week or month starts to look like. Tot up your hours for a typical month and convert them into a percentage. How different does your month’s split look like from the table above.

I guarantee the more time you spend in the top right box – the more productive, fulfilled and content you will become.

Hi, I’m Scott and I’m here to support you in creating positive improvements with your Career, Love Life, Health, Fun & Hobbies, Social Life, Finances, Home Life and Personal Growth.

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