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Scott is a powerful presence and an amazing listener. I got confidence, clarification, direction and awareness of where I was, and where I wanted to go. He kept me grounded and aligned my vision with my actions. He listens between the words and stories so as to challenge me in a very light hearted but firm way. A fabulous way to grow and expand.

Gabriella, Artist, Model, Performer, Teacher

I recently started a new role and my job involves meeting lots of people and being involved in client meetings. I’d lost confidence in myself following working for a line manager who really didn’t inspire confidence or offer support. I really wanted to make the most of this new challenge so I contacted Scott to help me regain my confidence and development my existing skills.

I found working with Scott very easy and we kept in regular contact. The sessions involved exploring my own thoughts and feelings and to work through my thought process. We explored how I deal with situations in my daily work life and after our sessions I felt more confident to overcome any issues that I might encounter.

He got me believing in myself again.

Paul, Design Manager

I’ve had an amazing experience being coached by Scott! I came to some really strong conclusions about my career and relationships that I definitely wouldn’t have come to on my own.

He was very approachable and I felt he listened to me without any judgement. He was able to give me the space to speak while guiding me to make important life decisions about my career and relationships. I would recommend coaching with Scott to anyone, for anything happening in your life that you need clarity on.

Based on this, I’m now organising for Scott to work with my team on their own career development.

Amie, User Experience Designer

Scott steered me through my own conflicting thought patterns regarding my work and personal life and somehow sorted through them and helped me to find sense and balance.

Working with Scott has given me more control of my decisions and actions and has put me on a path to self actualisation. In short, he has helped me to bloom.

Katie, Global Dealer Acquisition for Luxury Online Marketplace

There is a trust and openness to Scott’s approach this made me feel very safe when confiding in him. We discussed the underlying causes and how I might tackle issues in a level and considered way. It was super practical and helpful.

It was so useful just to express my concerns and feel like someone was supporting without judgment or imposing their own agenda. I would definitely go back to Scott in the future.

Liz, Artist & Teacher
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